Greetings from Cambodia

Greetings to all: first off I am by no means a writer but I decided to write a little bit about my trip to Siem Reap Cambodia. So here it goes, well maybe not yet I have not been to the Temples yet, but I did go to the Museum which is very nice and to the Old Market not sure how to describe it over than over whelming. The traffic is to say the least an adventure in and unto it own self. I do however want to say a little about a restaurant training school I had dinner at tonight it is called Haven and is well worth the time and planning to eat there, you can not just walk in you must make reservation (you may get very lucky and get in the same night but it is hard) the food was the best I have had in along time and it is unrushed (they allow about 2 hrs. between reservations).I am going to chill for a bit, the Temples await me in the early a.m.. I will catch all on the flip side.


If you are a fan of indie musicians then perhaps you go on over to Kickstarter and check out the project for MusiciansVolume2 they are raising money for the tour later this year. While your at it maybe go on over to Stagit and check out MusiciansVolume Mondays,one of the artists-Matthew Morse-that is with MusiciansVolume has had Riley Smith-LifeOfRiley-on with him and he in turn has played with Riley on Stageit. Maybe if they get enough money for this tour and we ask nice they could get Riley for the next tour. Either way check them out and pledge if you can at Kickstarter or go over to Stageit and check out some of the artists.
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Got back from seeing the Kane boys in CA. about a week ago and you would think I'd have my pics done by now? Well guess again for some reason I keep getting distracted and at this rate I will be doing those pics and the ones from the Steve Carlson show that is coming up in a couple of weeks at the same time.The shows were awesome as usual and I can't wait for the shwo at the Hotel Cafe.This is not getting me any closer to my goal so I'm off to try again.

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Well I just did something kinda crazy bt not realy I just bought tickets to the Christian Kane show in Sacromento in Feb. and the Steve Carlson show in Hollywood in March. I haven't even got the time off yet but will cross that bridge later. I can't wait as always should be a blast.

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Well Happy Friday to those in the U.S.A. and Happy ?Day to those outside the States. It's not my friday but, but still friday. Gonna have company on and off 'till about June (just before Con), but mostly family so they don't count.

Work has been Slow which is nice I can get stuff done but usually they need people to go home early and I'm seem to be the only one that will. Anyway looking forward to meeting some folks after work for dinner and drinks, always good for some laughs.

A side note I'm gonna celebrate an anniversary of sorts tonight.

Take care and have a safe day